Objectives of League of Legends

While playing League of Legends, killing is not the main objective. You need to destroy the nexus of your enemy in order to win the game or else you need to make them surrender. There isa lot of things which contribute to the win in the game as per https://gamestore.live/lol-accounts/master. It is important to take care of the two objectives of the game, one is primary & the other one is secondary. Primary Objective is compulsory on winning the game.

Primary Missions

Primary missions are those which you need to achieve so that you win the game. One of the important primary objectives is an experience. For becoming a champion, you will need to gain experience so that you increase your level. A higherlevel of a champion means more power and higher stats. Themain aim of the top lane and the middle lane is to have one champion which can level quickly. Having 2champions would slow down the levelingwhich would result in your enemy getting into higher levels than you.

Another primary objective which is important is collecting the olds from the minions. Gold allows you to buy new items from the store which will make your champion powerful. The last hitting earns you gold while miss killings cost you gold. You can also collect golds by destroying turrets or killing jungle monsters. Destroying the structures of your enemy is the final primary object as this can help you to win the game.

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Secondary Objectives

Secondary objectives include placement of the wards on the map, killing the dragon at the appropriate time to get monster buffs. The secondary objectives make it easier to achieve the primary objective. When the Baron is killed, all your team members get a buff which is powerful. Using this, you can destroy the towers and the inhibitors quickly which takes you closer to the win. Killing is not the objective in the game. You need to focus more on your objectives rather than kills in order to win the game. Kills just help you to achieve certain objectives.


Killing will help you achieve the objectives which will, in turn, help you will the game. So, know the objectives of the game and play accordingly.